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Customer Experience Mapping

Interactive Customer Experience Maps

Informed by millions of customer data, our state-of-the-arts A.I. technology generates the most comprehensive customer experience maps in the industry.

Interactivity of these customer experience maps enable our clients to brainstorm the most optimal solutions for their customer experience problems and allows them visually communicate those solutions with other stakeholders and collectively agree on the solution with the highest ROI.

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Stream Insights

Early perception of change is the key to staying at the top of the game and spotting those upcoming trends before anyone else does.

Stream Insights is the platform powered by artificial intelligence for anomaly detection in the consumer market of your competitors. It detects any subtle yet important change in the ecosystem of your competitors, offering you fast insights about opportunities that others have overlooked.

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Customer Experience Maps

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Increasing Market Share in a Shrinking Market

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The Successful Pathway to Build Trust Among Consumers

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Successfully Increasing non-fare Revenue through CX Map

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Managing the Unwanted Social Influence Forces in the Ecosystem

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Managing Social Influence to Make Record-Breaking Sales

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One Tea Leaf

Identifying Profitable Untapped Opportunities in a Saturated Market


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